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A new start

So after about 14 years of hand-coding my personal website (the most current one would be, all while developing and working with various CMS'es professionally, I've decided to re-start my online existence with WordPress.

Why? Because these blogging and CMS platforms are becoming so much better and easier to use by the minute, that hand coding a personal website is going the way of the dodo. Another reason is that this will entice me to update the site a little more than once a year. Also because everyone blogs nowadays, and I feel slightly inadequate for only having an online journal, a LiveJournal, and accounts on Twitter and Facebook - because no matter what you do or how much you know, unless you have an ACTUAL blog, you're a nobody on the web. That or I have just gotten suckered into blogging (very likely).

Anyway - welcome! Please read the About page for what the site's all about, leave a comment, and we'll talk soon.

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