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Kellogg Marketing Conference 2008

As part of the marketing committee of the 2008 Kellogg Marketing Conference, I helped form the brand (the goldfish), which was wildly popular. From there, it was developing the website and marketing materials for me, which was relatively straight forward as the brand was so strong.

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  1. Since the school came directly to the firm I worked at for concepts and I did all the layout and design on this piece, I find it odd you are taking so much credit for my concept. I have all the files archived along with the confirming emails to establish ownership of this concept. I will give you the web design, but please do not take credit for the branding.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Please note that as part of the marketing committee of the conference, I helped form the brand – which means I did not actually create the logo (as this is your work), but did contribute to the team’s direction of the brand; the fish jumping out of the fish bowl was our idea, which you executed brilliantly.

    As displayed above, I personally am taking credit for the development of the website, email signature, and posters. As noted, this was straightforward because the brand was strong; however, I am in no way taking credit for the creation of the brand imagery itself.

    I hope this helps clear things up.



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