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MarkStrat love


Before you go, "What the hell is a Vodite?", I will explain: MarkStrat is a simulation program that is used by MBA students worldwide to learn about marketing strategy (hence, MarkStrat). There are two products that you can market on the simulation: Sonites and Vodites. They are purely fictitious, but after 10 weeks of gruelling sessions of marketing decisions on the products, they become as real as a pack of macaroni and cheese.

I created the above graphic for the t-shirts my team wore for the final presentation. Obviously, this was more love to the program than most students had by this point!

Update: I've had a few people ask me about the t-shirt and if they could order it. I had the t-shirts made through Zazzle, so if you want you can get one of your own. You can even put the graphic on a different t-shirt if you like.

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